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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 14: Going to the club College Crossdressing Slut: Chapter 14 Going to the Club My finals were coming up next week and I was stressing out a little
bit. I really needed some stress relief but I was busy studying so I kept
myself relieved with some dirty online chat with Gary. What I needed was a
real dick to play with, so I was really looking forward to was going out
all dressed up with Aline for the first time.
Friday night came and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I also
knew I didn’t quite have the guts to wear it my first time out. I wanted
to wear Preteen Modles that super cute pink with black polka dot skirt and top set that I
had just gotten in. Pink with black polka dots may not sound that hot but
believe me, it was really cute. I loved that the skirt was so short it
barely covered my ass. I looked great in it too; it really showed off my
long legs. Even though I really wanted to wear it for the first time, I
decided to go a little more conservative, I didn’t even really know what
people wore to these clubs. I decided on my real tight hip hugger, low
rise, black pants, and a black crop top. Under my tight pants I had on my
black thong that said “Flirt.” Maybe if I was feeling a little naughty
later I would pull it up a little higher than my low rise pants. OK, so it
wasn’t really conservative, but in my other outfit I looked like a
stripper. I put on my makeup and wig, looked in the mirror and I was ready
to go. I looked pretty darn good I thought to myself as I put on my coat
and got in my car to drive to Aline’s. We were going to meet at her place
and leave from there. There were butterflies in my stomach the long drive
there, but I was also really excited. This was going to be my first time
really out!
When I got to her house, I pulled in the driveway and cautiously
walked up her walkway. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Aline, who
looked super hot! She’s Asian, only about 5′6, very slim and petite and
looked gorgeous in her outfit. She was wearing this short little red
dress. It was made out of Lycra or something like that and had a metallic
shiny look to it. “Hey cutie!” she greeted me and reached up to give me a peck on
the cheek. “You look soo hot!” “Wow! You too!” I exclaimed. “I love your dress.” “You should see what’s under it.” She replied as she turned around
and peeled her tight dress up. She had on this great red thong, with two
bands, and a little flower above Preteen Modles the butt. “That’s too sexy!” I told her. “I just hope it doesn’t stay on all night.” She laughed. “Come on
then cutie, I’ll drive.” The club was only about ten minutes away from her. She’d been
going there for a few years and knew a lot of people there. They had
special Preteen Modles nights for transvestites on Friday and she tried to go a couple
times a month at least. “Will we really meet guys tonight?” I asked. “Honey, with the way we look, we’ll have to fight them off.” She
replied. When we got to the club, we got out of her Explorer and waited in
the short line to get in. I noticed some guys looking at us but I couldn’t
tell if they were attracted to us or not. When we got to the front of the
line she told the big bouncer with a Russian accent “Don’t worry Nicolai,
she’s with me.” As I followed her into the club. I had never been in a
club before and it was amazing. There were a lot of people around and a
lot of people out dancing on the dance floor. We did a quick walk through
and she gave me the tour, showing me where the bar and little girl’s room
was. “Let’s get a seat at a table.” She said as we passed the bar. I
started to sit down at a table Preteen Modles
towards the back and she corrected me “Not
there. I want to sit where guys can see us.” We sat down at a table near
the dance floor. “Now just wait, the guys will come to us.” We waited and Preteen Modles tried to talk over the loud music. About ten minutes
later a guy who appeared to be in his late 20’s walked over to us and asked
if he could sit down. We of course said yes. He introduced himself as
Keith and we tried to hold a conversation, but after a couple minutes,
realized it was futile with all the loud music. He looked at me and asked,
“Do you want to dance?” I looked at Aline, and she said “get out there girl.” So I nodded
and he took my hand and we went out to the dance floor. It was my first
time dancing with a guy, but I had practiced a lot by myself in my
apartment. We danced for awhile and he even started freaking me a little
bit. I felt bad about leaving Aline but when I looked back over at her, I
saw she was talking to two guys who sat down at our little table. She soon
joined me on the dance floor and I even danced with her a little bit. It
was hot on the dance floor and I was sweating a little so I asked Keith if
we could take a break. Even though it was busy, we got another table
toward the back of the club and sat down and started making out. I
absolutely love to kiss and this guy was pretty good at it. We made out
for about 10 minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder and I jumped a mile
in the air. It was Aline holding the guys hand that she had been dancing
with. “Oh, Aline! You scared me!” I said. “Sorry Honey. I just had to tell you I was going out for a minute.
I’ll be right back.” She said as she led her date away. “Where do you think they’re going?” Keith asked with a sly grin.
I just smiled and we kept kissing and talking for a bit. About fifteen
minutes later Aline and Preteen Modles her man came back and sat down with us. The guys
bought us a couple drinks, I just had a diet coke while Aline got a Long
Island iced tea, and we tried talk over the music. Apparently Aline knew
her guy for a few months and had met him at the club before. After we finished our drinks Aline said “Excuse us gentlemen, but
my girl and I have to use the potty.” She led me to the little girl’s room
and we checked our makeup and she said, “I’m taking Kevin home with me
tonight, do you mind if we leave a little early?” “No that’s ok.” I replied. “Do you want to take Keith back to my place too, or are you just
going to leave him with blue balls?” Aline asked. I laughed. “I don’t want to take him back to your place but where
else could I take him?” “Just take him to the little alley behind the club for a blowjob or
a quickie like I did with Kevin.” Aline responded. Preteen Modles I laughed again. “That’s where you went! I was wondering you
little slut. Why are you so anxious to go if you just got fucked?” “I just gave him a blowjob, sweetie.” She replied. “Hurry up
while I go pee. I’ll meet you by the car. I’ve been waiting to get fucked
for weeks.” I walked out of the bathroom and to the table where Keith and Kevin
were sitting. I told Keith to follow me as I grabbed his hand and we
walked out of the club. “Where are we going?” He asked. “You’ll see.” I responded as I led him to the back of the club and
into the little alley. I saw two guys making out in the distance and
thought “This must be the place.” I pushed him against the brick wall to
the back of the club and told him to drop his pants while I reached into my
purse and grabbed a strawberry flavored condom. Keith dropped his pants to his knees and I pulled them down to his
ankles. He was already stiff. His cock was a pretty sight but his pubic
hair was a little untamed. He must not have been expecting any action
tonight. I didn’t want to get on my knees in the dark alley so I just sort
of squatted as I rolled the condom on his cock. I looked up at him with a
smile and got Preteen Modles my first taste of a strawberry condom. It tasted pretty good
but I missed the taste of flesh in Preteen Modles my mouth as I cupped his balls and
sucked. “Do I get to fuck you too.” He asked. I smiled up at him and shook my head. “Just a blowjob tonight
sweetie.” “MMM, you’re pretty good at this.” he said. I absolutely love
hearing compliments as I suck. I started to lose my balance a little as I
squatted so I grabbed his ass for support and really started sucking him
wildly. He started moaning louder and soon moaned he was ready to cum. It
was a little different feeling his cum spurt to the end of the condom
instead of in my mouth. After I felt his cock stop spasming I stood up and
he pulled me in for a quick kiss. `Good choice,” he said “I like
strawberry too.” I giggled and he asked if he could get my number. I felt
a little bad but I told him I didn’t give out my number. I gave him my
e-mail though said and I’d see him at the club sometime. That even sounded
odd when it came out of my mouth- I’d blow him but I wouldn’t give him my
number. I really didn’t want a bunch of guys calling me though. I told
him I better get going and he kissed me again and went back inside. I hurried out towards Aline’s car. When I got there, I saw she and
Kevin were already in the back seat making out pretty heavily. He had his
hand up her skirt and her red thong halfway down her thigh. I knocked on
the door and now it was Aline’s turn to jump. “Jesus sweetie, You scared me!” She exclaimed. “My keys are on
the dash, you can drive us home.” “OK.” I said and got in the car to drive her home. I had to move
her seat back since she was so tiny and started the short drive to her
place. She and Kevin kept going at it in the back seat and soon she was
going down on him for the second time that night. I tried was a little
nervous about driving her car so I tried not to look but it was hard. Her
little mouth looked so cute taking his cock in it. When we arrived at her
place, Kevin asked me to come inside with them. I told him no thanks
though. I had gotten pretty horny watching them in the backseat but I was
pretty sure Aline wanted him all to herself. I then got in my car and
started the long Preteen Modles drive home, still tasting the strawberry on my lips.

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